Finished Painting of Tucker the German Shepherd

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Finished Painting of
Tucker the German Shepherd

Portrait of Tucker–30″ x 24″ acrylic on archival panel by Hope Lane

By the time that I completed the painting, sadly Tucker had crossed the rainbow bridge. It wasn’t unexpected due to his ALS. I hoped for Tucker’s humans, that my painting would help keep the memory of his healthier days strong–when he would wander the mountains with his family.


  1. Ann Shumate Foster

    Sad, but a beautiful memory!

  2. Sharon McAndrews

    Beautiful memories!!

  3. Beth Peterson


  4. Donna Hess

    What a precious memory for them.❣️ Memo

  5. Donna Hess

    Your work is beautiful, the look in the eyes, smile, etc. are so very important!🤗

  6. Hope Lane Pet Portraits

    Thank you for your kind comments

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