Painting in Progress

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Painting in Progress

work in progress by Hope Lane

This is a fairly early stage in my painting “Love is the Bridge”. I’ve started to apply shadows and midtones so my forms have volume. I’m working in alkyd oils on canvas which is not my usual surface, but was a requirement of the project.

I tend to work a canvas overall, and then continue to refine the details, developing the entire painting as I go. I’ve often been fascinated by other artists who work differently, finishing completely one small area of the painting and then moving on to another. I know it works for them but I need to see the whole picture (no pun intended). 


  1. Sharman King Marshall

    it’s beautiful ❤️🐾

  2. Susan Fine

    That’s beautiful Hope

  3. Karon Elliott Adams

    Your work is amazing

  4. Lynn DiPirro

    That’s gorgeous!

  5. Marian Phillips

    Your work is so sensitive. Beautiful.

  6. Hope Lane Pet Portraits

    Thank you for your kind words

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