Starting a Painting of Three Little Havanese

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Starting a Painting of Three Little Havanese

Once upon a time there were three little Havanese, Elmo, Gigi and Trubble. Elmo is a big boy and the “Number One Good Dog”…and supervisor of his little sisters. Gigi the big sister, is the smartest girl at her agility school and little Trubble is the forever baby, adorable and loves attention.

This painting will be a larger one, and while the client had many great photos of her three dogs, I wanted to combine some different ones to create an image where all the dogs were looking at us. We also decided that placing them on a grassy background would work well.

This is the photo composition sketch that I created before starting to paint.


  1. Mary Richling

    We so love our portrait of our “tres amigos”, Paco, Manny and Julio. Sadly, Manny passed away this month. We treasure how you beautifully captured his soulful eyes. I am unable to share a picture of their portrait here but it is wonderful!

    • Hope Lane Pet Portraits

      Mary Richling I’m so sorry Manny has passed. I know how sad it is to lose a pet you love. Thank you for your kind words. I hope the painting helps keep Manny’s memory strong

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