Portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier

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Portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier

This month has proven that I’m definitely in the wind up to the holidays, with quite a few commissions coming in. From this point on, I’ll get busier and busier until after Christmas. I’m also involved working on a wildlife new painting that’s very exciting.

This is a detail showing the work on Ella’s portrait. It’s a small painting and it takes a teeny tiny brush.

At this stage, the paint still has a translucent feeling more like watercolor than acrylic. I build up the layers of paint as I go.



  1. Leigh Stamp

    I’d love some more done, our cats this time

    • Hope Lane Pet Portraits

      I’d love that too. Cats are so much fun to paint as they are entirely different anatomically than dogs–which makes things interesting. Its been many years since I painted Alice and Jasper. I hope they are still well.

  2. Marcia D Reimer

    A lot of people do not realize how important doing the eyes well is in a painting. This is spot on. Without the glint there is no life in the painting.

  3. Marsha Wright-Reeves

    I Love your work!

  4. Kari Butler Davala

    My first thought was get that brush away from that puppy’s eye, you could poke it. Till I realized that it was a painting.
    Amazing work.

  5. Reba Rose

    Love your work

  6. Reba Rose

    Are you on Etsy?

    • Hope Lane Pet Portraits

      Reba Rose Yes I am. My shop is Hope Lane Art. You can also see my pricing and order directly from my website at http://www.hopelaneart.com

    • Reba Rose

      Hope Lane Pet Portraits thanks, I thought I had seen your work before. I paint dogs too but not lately. I may have one of your paintings on my timeline. A gal call Janet on Etsy Paints dogs too. I do study others painting to see where I can improve on my own.

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