Sketch for a Portrait of Candy the Havanese

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Sketch for a Portrait of Candy the Havanese

I was looking through my photos to see which paintings I haven’t posted yet and I came across Candy’s. Her portrait was the result of a painting I donated to help raise funds to a Havanese Rescue group (HRI) for their annual auction. When Candy’s “mom” contacted me after winning the auction, she described  her Candy as “an 11 year old Havanese and her heart dog…She speaks to me with her eyes. They are the window to her soul and right back to mine. ”

I knew after hearing that description, that Candy’s painting needed to focus on her eyes and convey how sweet she was. This was going to be a small painting–just 8″ x 8″ so I kept the background simple and used one of my client’s favorite colors, purple.


  1. Janet Porsche

    I commissioned Candy’s painting and shortly after that she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Her painting hangs on my wall and reminds me everyday how much I miss her. Thank you for capturing her eyes. She truly was my heart dog. 💕

  2. Beth Slagle Schmidt

    That is how my Toby was!

  3. Looks just like my/our Lancer, Beautiful painting!,

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