Back in the Saddle With a Havanese


For the past few months I have been taking a break from posting about my art. Life had gotten pretty chaotic for me as we decided to make a spontaneous move to a new home that would provide me with a separate room for my studio. In order to do this–we ended up renovating an apartment that was in the condition it was from about 30 years ago, and like all renovations, we encountered a series of delays, mishaps and snags. During the process, we moved three times and often had to depend on the kindness of friends for shelter, showers and even laundry.

Through it all–I’ve managed to keep painting which was my priority — but as something needed to give–I took a break from social media. Today, we are in our home (although surrounded by boxes and still with some further construction to finish). So the time has come to get back to sharing my painting activities with you.

This handsome boy is a Havanese named Bandit, whose pet parent is a breeder out in Arizona. His coloring is a wonderful mix of black and white which along with his sweet smile, made him lots of fun to paint. Here was my first stage of painting him.