Completed Portrait of Tara, the Yellow Lab

Tara, A Yellow Labrador Retriever. 11″ x 14″ Acrylic by Hope Lane

This is the finished portrait of Tara. I like the way the overall autumn coloring played out in the portrait–I had chosen to go for this because of the marshland setting which, to my mind, looks it’s best in autumn where reds and oranges dominate. I echoed the colors of the grasses in Tara’s fur–especially the shadow areas. I used the compliment of orange, a blue tone, to highlight the lighter areas of her face and body. Using a complimentary color scheme helps the painting to become vibrant and alive.

I was so happy to be able to create this for Tara’s humans who were kind enough to say…

“Words cannot express how much I appreciation I have for Hope Lane and the amazing work done. I sent Hope a picture of my beloved Tara and she painted her portrait perfectly. She added small details to make the image just what I wanted. I cannot wait to see my husbands face on Christmas Day. Hope was a pure pleasure to work with and I cannot thank her enough….highly recommend!!”