Finished Painting of a Bichon Frise by Hope Lane

Custom Pet Portrait of Chuckie the Bichon Frise by Hope Lane

8″ x 10″ Acrylic Portrait of Chuckie the Bichon Frise by Hope Lane

I’ve finished up my portrait of Chuckie. The trickiest part was trying to get the texture of his fur just right–with parts that seem soft and cottony, and other places where the fur is more “hair-like” around his face and ears. I use different brushes for each texture–a hog bristle to stipple in the cotton fur–and a small synthetic brush for the fine hairs.

When I paint white fur–I try to make sure there is some color in it other than grey and white, because then you get a boring painting. This painting uses a combination of warm grey made from white, ultramarine blue and burnt umber, alternating with a soft blue from white and ultramarine. The warm and cool colors contrast and create a sense of depth.

My goal is for you to not really notice the color ( I don’t want you to see him as a blue dog) but for you to feel there is depth, and volume in his coat.

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©2014 Hope Lane.