The Finished Painting of a Chihuahua Rescue

This is the final memorial portrait that I painted. Coppelia’s guardian said some wonderful things about her painting. “Hope perfectly captured my beloved dog. I was teary-eyed when I opened the package and first saw the painting. She really captured my dog’s soulful eyes and the details were absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with this beautiful reminder of my beloved dog.”

It’s always an emotional experience when my clients get their portrait paintings–especially if the pet has passed on. I know that many of them cry. I know that many of them make me cry too, because it’s very touching to feel that something that I made can affect a person deeply.

Losing a pet you love is never easy. I know this from personal experience as my own little dear dog has just recently passed on. I was dealing with it happening while I was painting this portrait of Coppelia, and I hope that some of the love I felt for my dog translated into it. As artists, I think we put a little piece of ourselves in every painting.