Finished Painting of a
Yellow Lab Rescue Named Mack


This is the finished portrait of Mack, the Yellow Lab, an 18″ x 24″ acrylic painting by Hope Lane. I’ve been working to catch the texture of his fur in all its different aspects–short and stiff on his head and ears, and then the plumier fur tufts around his neck and on his chest. I’ve refined the painting on his nose and mouth also working it to a higher level of finish. The grassy background has had lots more darkness added to give it depth, and to make it feel like Mack is really sitting in the grass–and then I painted fine plumes of lighter grass in the foreground that overlap his body.

When I look at Mack–a truly beautiful dog and I think about the fact that he and the rest of his litter mates were found as puppies by the side of a road, it makes me sad to think anyone could just abandon an animal. Fortunately for Mack, it didn’t end there–he was lucky enough to be found by someone who really cared–enough to start an animal rescue in his honor. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to paint his portrait commemorating the ten year anniversary of Agape Animal Rescue.