Finished Portrait of Scarlett

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Finished Portrait of Scarlett

Scarlett, 5″ x 7″ acrylic by Hope Lane

This was the completed painting of Scarlett–it developed rather quickly so I didn’t have a chance to photograph it at the early stages. My photographic reference was fairly soft focus and painting is also quite loose in style for me. The photos I receive from my clients are critical to the way the final painting will turn out. Clear well-lit images turn out the best paintings especially for details. When a pet is still alive, if I don’t feel the supplied photos are clear enough or are missing some important visual info–I’ll ask my clients to shoot some more (with a bit of guidance on how to get a good photo to paint from). But in the case of a memorial portrait–I realize that what we have is what we have–so I do my very best to make it work because I know how important it will be to my client.



  1. Sarah Tucker

    Why so small…?

  2. Hope Lane Pet Portraits

    It was the size the client requested. It’s a nice tabletop size

    • Sarah Tucker

      Oh, I was only asking because it’s so awesome that I would love to see a bigger version if that had been my handsome canine. I figured it was the request of the client.🐶❤️

    • Hope Lane Pet Portraits

      Sarah Tucker thank you. I try to make every one of my paintings no matter what it’s size special. I know that not all my clients can afford larger sizes but the portrait will be just as important to them

  3. Lynn Watson

    Beautiful work!!!

  4. Lynn DiPirro

    This portrait is absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Shirley Stewart

    Beautiful!!! Looks like you could pet this beautiful pet

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