Early Stages of Ember Rose’s Portrait on my easel.

It’s been a wet and stormy weekend here in South Florida waiting and watching the approaching storm. Fortunately it did not turn out to be a major event and we’ve opened the shutters to let some daylight back in to our home.

I started working on my portrait of Ember Rose in a type of fast drying oil paint–It’s a bit more fluid to work with than my usual acrylics. Ember’s painting is a 12″ x 16″ and that gives me more room to work–which I enjoy when I use oil paint.

Generally the difference in my work between oils and acrylics is that my oil paintings tend to be a bit softer feeling. Oil takes longer to paint as you need to allow each layer to dry, before going to another–so in most cases, I use it for my personal work and not for commissions.

I was able to rough in the entire painting fairly quickly–using the darkest versions of the colors I needed. As I work more into it, the colors will tend to get lighter and I’ll keep adding contrast and detail.