Little Princess Shih Tzu Painting Finished

Little Princess Shih Tzu Paining by Hope Lane

This is the finished painting of Molly, the Shih Tzu. Molly’s guardian noticed that in the last stage, I had gotten Molly’s face a little too light–and she was totally correct. Once I adjusted the color around her eyes and nose, everything felt much better. More depth, more true to life.

Working from photos as I do, I count on my clients to let me know when a painting is not accurate. They know their pet and love them–and photos are deceptive, especially on coloring. For example, when you shoot a white dog or cat in very warm lighting, like old incandescent bulbs or at sunset, they can start to look like they have cream or even apricot fur. And when you shoot a dog with warm brown eyes under florescent lighting or with a flash, their eyes may go super dark.

That’s why I send in progress photos. To provide my clients a time to tell me if I’m on target–or off the mark and to let me adjust the painting before it gets too far along and the fix becomes more difficult. I want my clients to see THEIR pet when they look at one of my portraits and to be totally happy with their painting.