Painting Morgan a Second Time

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Painting Morgan a Second Time

I’ve been painting pet portraits professionally for quite awhile. In fact, I established my Facebook page Hope Lane Pet Portraits, back in 2012 which was when I was first starting out. One of my earliest portraits was of a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Morgan. She was a young dog and I painted her on a warm red background. This year Morgan’s parents got back in touch for a second painting for their vacation home. Now six years later, Morgan is an adult dog–and it’s a wonderful opportunity to paint her again and try to capture the difference. This is the new sketch side by side with the original painting from six years ago.


  1. Debra Hayes

    Beautiful work Hope Lane Pet Portraits!

  2. Carol Masius Zuckerman

    Loved working with you and love our two portraits! ❤️

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