Sorry for the long delay in posting. It’s the holiday season and I’ve been working to deliver all my commissions in time.

This is a midway stage of a portrait of Bentley. Bentley is a very special dog, and this painting was a gift to his human.

He is a big personality in a small body, when walking the streets of his home town, he “has won over many storekeepers hearts…The shopkeepers would look out for Bentley and have treats waiting for him. He knew every shop. Walk in and get his treats.”

The original photo’s background did not do Bentley justice–so after some discussion, I decided to place Bentley on a grassy surface that is roughly painted here. Changing backgrounds is one of the most common fixes I make to photos that are given to me–whether it’s a different color, retouching out an ugly object or literally placing the pet in an entirely new setting, I can create a portrait that highlights and frames the pet in an appealing manner.